Essential Beginner Japanese Course ~for Work and Your Passions~


~Like it? Learn it! Love it? Live it!~

*** You can take up to five classes in total ***

We want to provide Japanese language education as well as employment support for foreigners who want to establish their career in Japan. With this in mind, we have developed skill-oriented practical Japanese language courses which can be applied to both the working environment and daily life.

The ultimate goal of this course is not only to learn useful words and phrases in the Japanese language. Language is a tool one can use to expand their potential and possibilities. For someone looking to work at a company in Japan, learning and memorizing words and phrases that you hardly use in your daily life simply isn’t enough.

In addition to language ability, once one has developed an understanding of Japanese business etiquette, Japanese culture, context in communication, and the structure of the business world, they will be able to apply their Japanese skills, regardless of the scene or situation.

In this course, we do not use typical Japanese language textbooks. Rather, we focus primarily on Japanese reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills corresponding to a variety of realistic situations one may encounter in a business situation.

This course’s engaging and fun curriculum is aimed towards those who are at the beginner level, but have some background learning Japanese. Through the use of video games, anime, and other popular Japanese content, students will not only learn useful Japanese phrases, but they will also learn about the basics of anime translation taught directly by professional media translation directors, practice self-pitching in Japanese, learn how to create a self-promoting video, experience Japanese anime voice-overs in an actual studio, and learn about Japanese thought process and mentality.

You have the option of applying for all five courses, or just the courses you are interested in.

Once students have completed our courses, they will qualify to register with our human resources network. Once registered, we periodically provide information regarding employment opportunities, company and job introductions, as well as a variety of support regarding participation in company matching events.

We also plan to offer both intermediate and advanced courses beginning sometime in the summer of 2018. In addition to language courses, students will also be able to develop their communication skills through internship opportunities and participating in a variety of company matching events.

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Course fee

Full five day course – 21,600 JPY

One day course – 4,320 JPY

(tax included)

*The payment can not be refunded .

◆Course Schedule

Monday, March 26th ~ Friday, March 30th

10:00~15:00 (one hour lunch break)

*You can take up to five classes in total.


Taught in both English and Japanese


Practical Japanese Learned Through Video Games

In this course, you will learn many useful Japanese phrases, as well as natural speaking rhythm, tone, greetings, and Japanese culture, all through some of Japan’s most popular video game titles.

【Japanese video game exercise】


Japanese Media Industry and Content Production

In recent years, Japan has been in high demand of both Japanese and foreign global human resources. Through this course, you will learn what many companies and industries expect from foreign employees, and will practice giving speeches, giving interviews, and learn effective self-promotion skills and techniques useful for finding employment in Japan.

【Learn the basics of Japanese business etiquette】


Self-promoting Video Creation

From filming to editing and finalizing, this course will touch on storytelling through video and teach you step-by-step how to create a self-promoting video which you can use when applying for jobs.

【Learn how to create effective Japanese subtitles using templates】


The Basics of Japanese Media Translation

Through this course, you will acquire basic knowledge of and learn the rules of Japanese media content (anime) translation, as well as have the opportunity to use professional subtitling software to create your own subtitles.


Japanese anime voice over experience (practice speaking as if you were a Japanese voice actor/actress)

Taking this course, you will learn about tone and natural rhythm in spoken Japanese as well as acquire professional knowledge of Japanese media content creation.【Studio field trip/tour】

ーKiyotake Ishii
ーNao Fujita
―Nami Asakawa
ーJessi Nuss
ーTyler James

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Mar 26 - Mar 30, 2018
[ Mon ] - [ Fri ]
10:00 AM - 3:00 PM JST
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1. Practical Japanese Learned Through Video Games(March 26) SOLD OUT ¥4,320
2. Japanese Media Industry and Content Production(March 27) SOLD OUT ¥4,320
3. Self-promoting Video Creation(March 28) SOLD OUT ¥4,320
4. The Basics of Japanese Media Translation(March 29) SOLD OUT ¥4,320
5. Japanese anime voice over experience(March 30) SOLD OUT ¥4,320
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